What is Fungal Infection?

Fungal infections can appear almost anywhere on the skin, but they are often most difficult for those who experience this issue somewhere on the face. A disease caused by any fungus that invades the tissues of the organism, causing Superficial, Subcutaneous and Systemic disease is known as Mycosis or Fungal Infections. Superficial Fungal Infections are common and are defined as the fungal infections occur on the skin. Hence they are also known as Dermatophytosis. Fungal infection treatment can be of many types but you need expert help to know the best one.

Examples of superficial fungal infections are Athlete’s foot or Tinea pedis, Ringworm etc. Subcutaneous infections are defined as the fungal infections that occur on the tissues and even in adjacent structures such as bones or organs. These are very rare and even chronic. Examples of subcutaneous infections are Candidiasis which can occur in mouth, throat, and bloodstream and even in the vagina.

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Systemic diseases are defined as the fungal infections where the fungus invades in a normal host or affects an immunosuppressed host such as AIDS etc. They are more virulent in the immunosuppressed host. Examples of systemic disease are Aspergillosis occurs in people with lung disease or weak immune system and Cryptococcus, which infects the layers of the brain such as meningitis in people with AIDS.

Fungal infection is caused by ‘fungus’ that’s lives everywhere and that makes fungal infection treatment all the more difficult since even during the treatments the dermatologist needs to be very careful to avoid further infections. These microorganisms are lives in the air, soil, planets and human body. Generally, they are not harmful but the overgrowth of these microorganisms can cause fungal infection which can affect your face, scalp, foot, nail etc.

Symptoms for Fungal Infections

Symptoms for fungal infections shift contingent upon body area, however, incorporate the accompanying:

  • rashes
  • red or purple patches (territory with an adjusted surface)
  • white, flaky substance over influenced ranges
  • scaling, or shedding of the skin with drops
  • splits in the skin
  • soreness
  • erythema, which brings about ranges of redness
  • maceration, or the presence of delicate white skin
  • smooth satellite pustules at edges of influenced territories (pimples loaded with discharge)
  • red and white sores in your mouth, as found in oral thrush

Causes for Fungal Infection

The accompanying in no specific request in short rundown can be comprehended as the most noteworthy explanations behind fungal infections in grown-ups.

  • Weak safe framework.
  • If you are taking an abundance of protein then it can likewise cause skin fungal infection.
  • Poor Dietary patterns.
  • If you are taking an overabundance of sugar items.
  • Stress and absence of rest can likewise cause fungal infection.
  • Fungi simply cherish warm atmosphere so in the event that you are living close warm atmosphere it can influence you.
  • Hormonal lopsidedness

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Top Treatments for Fungal Infection

Basic conditions can incline a patient to fungal infections. Maybe for instance, in the event that somebody with a fungal infection has diabetes, his or her sugar level ought to be brought under control before fungal infection treatment can be successful. Maybe a discouraged safe framework ought to be dealt with for the fungal infection treatment to work. When somebody influenced has been utilizing anti-infection agents or corticosteroids, they may need to stop or decrease those solutions so as to help organism treatment.


A specialist, for the most part, coordinates the drug, topical or oral, to the creature against which it is compelling. One oral antifungal utilized ordinarily finished the years, is successful for treating tinea capitis, for instance, yet not candida and certain form infections.

Numerous new expansive range antifungal specialists adequately treat an extensive variety of living beings. In this manner, specialists can begin patients on a regimen of antifungals without sitting tight for culture comes about.  The prescription and treatment regimen is picked in view of the sort and degree of the infection. Some function admirably for the time being, while others have a more drawn out enduring impact. Some function admirably in little amounts, while others require bigger dosages to be compelling.

How can Krasa help you with fungal infection treatment?

Krasa houses a specialized team of expert dermatologists and skin care specialists who use the best treatment methods to outline a win-win treatment plan which is the least comforting and the most economical for the patient.

Our specialists often recommend a combination of self-care techniques and medical therapies to treat fungal infections. People with eczema are first and foremost, very particularly advised to avoid any and all potential triggers that appear to make symptoms worse.

A perfect mix of advanced scientific treatments, along with advised skin treatment plans for patients from home, and the infallible precision and dedication of our team in guiding the patients with the minutest of trivialities in their fungal infections treatment plans lay the foundation stone for the extensively rich, proven and verifiable body of work Krasa has delivered through the years in successfully working on fungal infection cases.