Why are my lips thin?

thinlipsThe firmness of your lips depends upon a healthy production of collagen in your lips. With age or due to bad habits such as smoking the collagen breaks down leaving your lips looking and feeling thinner. It may also lead to wrinkles around your lips.

The condition has no drastic medical effect but aesthetically it may impair your looks. At Krasa we provide the best in medical technologyto treat such conditions. We will even help you in improving other aspects of your skin and face to achieve maximum results.


A mix of treatments including non surgical ones are available at Krasa Clinic.  We also suggest best ways to keep your skin safe post procedures.

Every patient is unique and hence it is highly recommended for you to come to our clinic for a consultation. We practice latest of methods to treat forehead lines. These include.

Medical grade peels
Chemical peels is the process of applying non toxic chemical on your skin to exfoliate. As dead skin is removed, clearer and more radiant skin appears.

Anti-ageing injectables
With age our skin becomes loose and prone to damage. Wrinkles are the natures most basic sign of ageing.
These wrinkles, though harmful decrease the aesthetic value of the face.

Injectable anti ageing treatments  help to conveniently smoothen out lines on forehead and around other parts of your face without a need of a surgery.

Dermal fillers
Fillers are non surgical treatments used for smoothening various  conditions caused on skin due to ageing. These conditions include wrinkle, laughter lines, facial lines etc. The derma fillers are injected into the area (such as cheeks or forehead) to gain the volume back.

Fraxel treatment works as a fractional technology which targets damaged skin with microscopic laser columns that penetrate deep into the skin. The laser treats only a fraction of tissue at a time, leaving the surrounding tissue untouched, which promotes rapid healing. Hence the old skin is replaced  with fresh, glowing, healthy skin