Dermatologist Consultant in Mumbai

Dermatology counselling is service from a Dermatologist in Mumbai or dermatology clinic for patients seeking advice on existing skin, scalp, hair, nail, lip and mouth problems, many of which can be diagnosed with a simple physical examination.

The consultation with a Dermatologist Consultant in Mumbai will give the patient clear information about their condition and the treatment options available. Early consultation will help reduce the potential risks and complications of skin disease. Who should perform and the expected results Dermatological counselling is helpful for anyone with symptoms of skin conditions that affect the skin, hair, scalp, nails, mouth, and lips, including the following:

• Rash • Itchy skin • Abnormal skin growth • Skin damage • Skin pain

Consultation is also recommended for patients diagnosed with skin disease, such as:

• Eczema • Psoriasis • Acne • Dermatitis • Skin infections • Warts • Impetigo • Silsa • Vitiligo • Hair loss • Nail disorders

After consultation, patients are expected to:

 • Start treatment (usually with mild illness)

  • Know about options available for treatment

• know if there is any side possible side effects of each treatment •

Learn about the costs and payment options for each treatment In the case of more serious conditions, such as skin cancer, the dermatologist  consultation can allow the patient to make a decision about treatment, such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, so that the skin disease can be treated as soon as possible.

The dermatologist consultation in Mumbai generally takes about half an hour; it depends on the condition of the patient.

During the visit, the dermatologist in Mumbai goes through the patient’s medical history, asks about symptoms and headaches, and physically examines the area of the lesion. In most cases, a physical examination is generally enough to identify the condition.

However, in some cases, certain tests may be required, such as the following:

Blood test • Skin stick • Skin biopsy Once the disease has been diagnosed, your dermatologist will give you an overview of the treatment options available, their risks, side effects, and expected results. The patient does not need to commit to treatment during the consultation, but should have clear information about his or her options so that he or she can take a decision and start treatment as quickly as possible. In case of mild dermatological diseases, the patient can start treatment immediately.

In most cases, treatment may involve the use of certain medications, so your dermatologist may prescribe the necessary prescriptions at the visit already mentioned. In such cases, the patient will be asked to return to a follow-up examination after two months later, during which the dermatologist will assess whether the treatment is working properly or whether the desired results have been obtained so far. If not, the treatment plan will be changed accordingly. Potential risks and complications

A dermatology consultant in Mumbai is a safe routine visit to a dermatologist for an existing or suspected skin disease. In most cases, the visit only requires a physical examination, so it does not pose any risks or complications to the patient.

In some cases, laboratory tests, like biopsy, may be required. These steps can cause some discomfort, but they are guaranteed to be safe and can be done in minutes. Consultation with a dermatologist in Mumbai , even if the symptoms are mild, will facilitate treatment and effectively reduce the potential permanent effects of skin diseases on the affected part of the body, such as long-term damage to the skin, hair, nails, and soon.

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