What is Rosacea ?

Rosacea is a common skin condition who’s symptoms include facial blushing, flushing tiny red pimple and fine red lines on the face.  This condition is like acne but is chronic and can’t is cured completely. We at Krasa Skin & Hair Clinic use the Modern medicine that makes it easily manageable and controllable.

Treatment for Rosacea.

  1. Topical Treatment for Rosacea
    To gain control over the condition, a mix of oral and topical medication can be given. These treat the redness, pimples as well as the bumps associated with the rosacea.
  2. Chemical Peels for Rosacea
    Chemical peels are used to clear the dead skin cells. These dead skin cell may clog the skin pores and hence create serious damage. Depending upon the sensitivity of your skin the treatment is prescribed.


Will the rosacea be totally cured?

Rosacea cannot be totally cured but with the aove treatment it can be dramatically controlled. Though we do make our best efforts to control it, in some cases the patients skin do not respond.

Is the treatment painful?

There might be a slight discomfort depending upon what treatment you choose.